Frequently Asked Questions


1What additional noise insulation does secondary glazing provide
Secondary glazing is commonly recommended to reduce noise entering your home. Homeowners will often see a noise reduction of up to 80% - this can be the equivalent of 54 decibels. For homes with severe noise issues, we would often recommend the installation of 6.8 acoustic laminated glass. This glass is specifically designed to reduce noise from close by vehicles.
2Can secondary glazing reduce heat loss?
Secondary glazing acts as a second barrier that reduce heat loss by as much as 65%. The installation will prevent cold draughts entering your home and make rooms feel warmer. For optimum thermal efficiency we recommend the installation of Low-E glass, this type of glass has a microscopic coating that is designed to reflect heat back into the room.
3How close to the primary window does the secondary glazing need to be?
For optimum acoustic performance, we would recommend installing the secondary glazing system up to 150mm away from your primary window. If this isn’t possible, we would advise a thicker glass specification as this would have a greater impact upon preventing noise from entering your home. To provide enhanced thermal insulation, we suggest that the secondary glazed system is installed as close to the primary window as possible. This installation method creates a smaller air cavity that can effectively reduce heat loss.
4Is secondary glazing available in multiple colours?
Our aluminium frames are powder coated making them easy to clean and are available in over 200 RAL colours. Secondary glazing that is finished in white is the most cost-effective option. If you want grey, black, brown or a different coloured option, you would expect to see a 10% - 15% uplift in price. Secondary glazing is installed as standard with a white UPVC finishing trim. For coloured windows you can select the UPVC white finishing trim or for an additional charge a painted timber trim.
5Do you install within my area?
We operate across the whole of the United Kingdom.
6Do you install primary windows and doors?
Alongside providing specialist secondary glazing installations we often install a range of products including, Composite doors, uPVC, Timber and aluminium windows. Please speak with us for more information on the additional product ranges that we supply.
7What lead-times do you provide?
Once your initial order is placed, we typically install within 10 – 15 working days. We can install on all weekdays and where required weekends
8Can secondary glazing be installed within listed buildings? do I need planning permission?
Secondary glazing can be installed within Grade I and Grade II listed buildings however, we would always recommend that you speak with your local authority or local conservation officer. In some cases, you may require listed building consent where we can provide images and evidence of previous installations which will show the style of secondary glazing you require. Alongside this we can provide technical drawings for you to share with your local authority prior to installation.
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