Secondary glazing is a discreet internal window that is installed to the interior of your home. Designed for all building types, it works in conjunction with your primary windows and is a proven solution to reduce noise levels, increase in thermal insulation and enhance levels of home security.

Secondary glazing is designed to blend in seamlessly with all homes, including listed properties and modern buildings. It has grown in popularity as it is an affordable and attractive solution to prevent noise from entering your home and to help reduce heating costs. Our range of modern secondary glazing is available in a wide range of styles that can accommodate your budget and will complement your home.

Secondary double glazing from Arctic Glaze is manufactured from slimline aluminium and can be powder coated in over 200 colours. This gives you the option to match your room aesthetic and ensures it is discreet and unobtrusive. We offer a wide range of products that are available in all sizes and shapes and can be installed with speciality glass to ensure optimum thermal and acoustic performance.

If you live next to a busy road, struggle with heat retention or want to increase your home security Arctic Glaze can help.

Secondary Glazing Benefits

Secondary Glazing designed for listed properties:

Many listed properties are prohibited from changing their windows as altering the windows will change the fabric of the building. The installation of secondary glazing is discreet and unobtrusive, it can be installed within your existing window reveal or to the face of your primary windows. As the installation is discreet and does not alter the existing fabric of the building, it is approved to be installed within conservation areas, Grade I and Grade II listed buildings.

We do advise that you speak to your local authority or conservation officer before installing secondary glazing, to aid with this process we can supply detailed drawings of the planned installation and case studies where secondary glazing has been successfully installed.

Secondary Double Glazing is a proven way to add acoustic and thermal insulation to your home where our range of slimline profiles won’t detract from the character and charm of your home. Our products are designed to work in conjunction with all window styles, including traditional timber box sash, casement and fixed windows. Arctic Glaze will help you specify the correct product and glass configuration, which will deliver optimum performance while looking as discreet as possible.

Soundproof Secondary Glazing

Many homes suffer from excessive noise issues where a common problem is your existing primary windows. A bus can emit as much as 85 decibels from a 5-meter distance, most modern windows including double and triple glazing can only reduce noise entering your home by up to 36 decibels, this creates a substantial amount of noise entering your home.

The solution to substantially reduce noise entering your home is our range of bespoke aluminium secondary glazing. The combination of your primary windows and secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by as much as 80%, which is the equivalent of 54 decibels.

For homes situated next to busy roads or adjacent railway lines we often recommend the installation of 6.4mm acoustic laminated glass. This type of glass is manufactured with a PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) interlayer and is specifically designed to combat the low frequency emitted by vehicles. Secondary glazing’s secret is the air cavity created between your primary window and the secondary glazed system, for optimum performance, we recommend a 150mm to 200mm air cavity between your primary window and secondary glazed system.

Why choose Arctic Glaze?

Arctic Glaze is a specialist installer of bespoke aluminium secondary glazing. As specialist installers, we understand that secondary glazing should be discreet while substantially improving both acoustic and thermal insulation. As a trusted home improvement company, our trained team can visit your property to survey and advise which product configuration will be most suitable. Alternatively, you can email images of your windows and provide rough dimensions where we will be able to provide a price estimate that is subject to survey.

We operate across the whole of the United Kingdom and can also install new primary windows and doors. Our product range includes; SolidCore doors, timber, aluminium and Upvc windows.

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